Ghost Hunting screens again after Berlinale

Deutscher Eintrag folgt in Kürze…

Winner of the 2017 Berlinale’s Glashütte Documentary Award, the Palestinian documentary Ghost Hunting, directed by Raed Andoni, screened yesterday with the presence of protagonist Muhammad Khattab, originally a dancer and choreographer, along with actor and director Ramzi Maqdisi.

The movie reflects the experience of detention in the infamous Israeli Moskobiya interrogation center and spots light on part of Palestinians’ distress under the Israeli occupation.

Thirty years after his detention and along with other Moskobiya ex-detainees, Andoni sets the camera to compose a construction of the prison that exactly matches the images in their memories.
They share the roles of guards and prisoners and re-create the interrogation and torture sessions with a realistic method that at times exposes them to the risk of identification.

The comic element is also present and was described by some audience at the Q&A as “heavy”. Asked about the sense of humor in the events, Khattab said that humor is a weapon; the jailor’s goal is always to crush the prisoner’s spirit, that’s why he blows his top when the prisoner laughs.
He also pointed that most of the dialogues weren’t part of the scenario, but rather improvised.


Ramzi Maqdisi, who plays Khattab in detention, said it was a new and hard experience for him.
“I had to play the character of a man standing next to me and acting with me in the same time”, he said.