9 ALFILM Special: 70 Years Nakba

The Dream

9. ALFILM Specials, 9th ALFILM, Mon 16/4/18

The Roof

9. ALFILM Specials, 9th ALFILM, Tue 17/4/18
70 years ago 700.000 Palestinians were expelled from their homes after violent battles and massacres. To this day, they are denied the possibility to return and the right to be compensated. Hence, a big number of Palestinian people, descendants of those who had to flee, lives in the diaspora today. Be it under occupation or as second-class citizens in Israel, in refugee camps of the neighbouring Arab countries or in other parts of the world.

This catastrophe (Arab. Nakba) has left traces in the cultural memory of the Arab world. These become visible not only in Palestinian film production, like in the films of Mustafa Abu Ali, who has been active since the 1970s or in the more recent works of Elia Suleiman, but also in solidarity movements of Arab (Mohamed Malas) and European filmmakers (Jean-Luc Godard).

The three documentary films presented in the Special Program aim to provide a historical and artistic contextualization of life in refugee camps (The Dream), the production of resistance films (Palestine in Sight) and of Palestinians’ life on Israeli territory (The Roof). In the lecture the filmmaker Mohanad Yaqubi will portray the relationship of Palestinians to their (media) image and the author Irit Neidhardt will provide insights into the networks of co-production between the PLO and the GDR.

In addition, the Official Selection offers a range of contemporary films on the topic, such as the fiction Wajib (D: Annemarie Jacir) and the three short films A Drowning Man (D: Mahdi Fleifel), Land of our Fathers (D: Ulaa Salim), and Bonboné (D: Rakan Mayasi), as well as the documentary Saken (D: Sandra Madi) in the Spotlight Program.