Director: Mohamed Diab, EG/DE/FR 2016, 95 min., Arab. with En. ST
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Cairo,summer of 2013. Egypt plunged into chaos after the revolution of 2011, its first free elections and the following military putsch. The Muslim Brotherhood and adherents to the military engage in street fights in between which the revolutionaries of Tahrir Square are being triturated. The movie follows a group of people locked up in a police car. While they are helplessly watching the violent conflicts going on outside, the diverse political stances and emotions of the occupants are colliding inside the car. Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and the military, disillusioned youth and ordinary citizens all engage in an ideological and substantial clash. Via the claustrophobic constriction of its setting, Diab manages to draw a portrait of Egypt under high tension in his second feature-length fiction after „Cairo 678“.