Roundabout in My Head / Dans ma tête un rond point



Director: Hassan Ferhani, Algeria/France/Qatar/Lebanon/Netherlands 2015, 100 min., Arab. with En. ST

Fri 8.4. 22.00 fsk *
Sat 9.4. 20.00 fsk *

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The microcosm of a butchery serves as an allegory of Algerian society for Ferhani’s beautifully shot documentary. Young and old men are shown during their daily work routine, watching football on television, talking about love, dreams and the past. The mostly bloodless scenes in the butchery create moments of contemplation. To the protagonist real life seems like a “roundabout with 1000 exits” of which none is the right one. Awarded with the main prize at the 2015 FID Marseille, this documentary is Ferhani’s debut film.