„For an Invisible People, Camera Would be Their Weapon”

Lecture and Discussion
Tue 17/4/18 | 18:30 | Wolf Free Entrance
Chronology of a Disappearance
Mohanad Yaqubi

Yaqubi observes the painful relation between the Palestinian people and their image and the processes that have led to the disappearance of the Palestinians from the image and the land in 1948. He examines how the camera subsequently became a tool of liberation.

On Solidarity and Dependency – The beginnings of PLO-GDR filmmaking in the 1970s
Irit Neidhardt

When the Palestinian Liberation Organization PLO and the GDR, the socialist German state (1949-1990), started to cooperate in filmmaking in 1974 the PLO was an affluent liberation movement operating from exile and the GDR was a sovereign state with a weak economy. In addition to their sincere anti-imperialist convictions, there was a big portion of pragmatism beneath the cooperation in cinema between the two partners. This short lecture gives an insight into their first co-production agreement.