Director: Chaghig Arzoumanian, Lebanon 2015, 72 min., Arm. with En. ST

Doublefeature with #73

Thu 7.4. 20.00 fsk *
Tue 12.4. 17.00 TAK *

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Nazareth was 12 years old when the genocide against the Armenians was committed. His crying mother left with him and his brothers at night riding a donkey. Lousaper, his future wife was still a baby at that time. Their route took them from Burunkişla in today’s Turkey to Cairo, then to a refugee camp in Beirut and onto Sidon before they meet back in Beirut and settle down. Director Arzoumanian follows the fleeing of her grandparents using poetic distance landscape shots and artistically composed frames.

In the presence of Chaghig Arzoumanian.

This film will be double featured with #73.