I Used to Sleep on the Rooftop

Director: Angie Obeid, LIB/QAT 2017, 61 min., Arab. with En. ST
Sat 14/4/18 | 20:00 | Wolf *
Sun 15/4/2018 | 22:00 | FSK *
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At the age of 50 Nuhad leaves her homeland Syria for the first time. In the face of war, she leaves her husband and daughter in Damascus behind and stays in Beirut at the young filmmaker’s flat — a friend of her son, who is living in France. In this place of transition, Nuhad prepares for a life as an asylum-seeker, plans her further steps and yet does not budge a bit. While Nuhad’s early life disappears before her eyes in the news and phone calls with her friends and family, the relationship of the two women grows in their search for intimacy and an anchor in life.