Of Sheep and Men (Des moutons et des hommes)

Director: Karim Sayad, FR, CH, ALG 2017, 87 min., Arab. with En. ST
Thur 12/4/18 | 21:30 | Arsenal *
Mon 16/4/18 | 22:00 | Wolf *
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16-year old Habib dreams of becoming a veterinarian, but his dream won’t come true without a school education. His only goal remains to lead his beloved ram El Bouq to victory at the famous ram fights. 42-year old Samir has faced the harsh realities of life — he just wants to sell the sheep at a profitable rate, and the upcoming Eid offers a good opportunity for that. An unusual portrait of everyday life in Algeria unfolds through the relationships between sheep and men, combat and trade, where the wounds between social classes as well as the past and the present are still open.