Omar Gatlato

Director: Merzak Allouache, ALG 1976, 90 min., Arab./French with En. ST
Sat 14/4/18 | 20:00 | Arsenal *
* If online tickets are sold out, please check at the cinema counter for available tickets.
A classic of Arab cinema that will be screened in a digitally restored version for the first time in Germany. Masculinity and machismo are central elements to the life of its hero Omar, who shares an overcrowded apartment with his family in Algier. He cockily roams the streets of the city with his friends and delves into the romantic phantasies of Bollywood movies. But his true passion is music — his cassette collection is his treasure. Real encounters with the opposite sex make him insecure, until one day the voice of mysterious Selma heard on a second-hand cassette, puts him under her spell and pushes him to act. Omar’s obsession with masculinity becomes the enactment of a role, stiffening to a mere pose in a gender-segregated society. Merzak Allouache’s first feature film humorously mirrors the realities of Algerian youth in the 1970s, trapped between dreams and social restrictions.

After the screening talk and Q & A with Merzak Allouache