Director: Sandra Madi, Jordan/Palestine 2014, 90 min., Arab. with En. ST
Thur 14/4/18 | 21:00 | Arsenal *
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In 1980, Ibrahim Salameh leaves his family in Kuwait and decides to join the Palestinian resistance movement in Lebanon as a freedom fighter — a defining moment for his personality. Two years later he gets severely injured and remains paraplegic in a veteran hospital of the PLO in Amman. Without the help of his caregiver Walid, he can’t eat and is confined to his bed. Walid himself had left behind his wife and children in Egypt to find work in Jordan. While Ibrahim reminisces about his past glory as a fighter during his former companions’ rare visits, Walid carries out the necessary care work to support his own family. The growing imbalance in power between the two men and Walid’s longing for his home rapidly jeopardize the friendship of these unalike men. From an unusual perspective, Madi’s film sheds light on the harsh contrast between the roles of a hero and a provider.