The Bread Road

Director: Hicham Elladdaqi, BE/FR/MA 2015, 61 min., Arab. with En. ST
Guest: Hicham Elladdaqi
Mon 03.04.2017 | 22:00 | Eiszeit | *
Wed 05.04.2017 | 22:00 | Eiszeit | *
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The movie follows the invisible workers that are looking for jobs every morning in front of the picturesque medina of Marrakesh. Secluded from the Orientalistic fairy tale attracting thousands of tourists each year, these people struggle every day anew to pick up a livelihood for their families and themselves. Their fight for mere subsistence is coined by the strenuous wait for labour and exploitative wages. The filmmaker accompanies his protagonists’ daily life with respectful restraint, depicts dreams, hopes, and takes part in their family and working life.