The Last Friday

Director: Yahya Alabdallah, Jordan/UAE 2011, 88 min., Arab. with En. ST
Tue 17/4/18 | 20:00 | Arsenal *
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Yousef (Ali Suleiman) has gambled away all his belongings and struggles along as a taxi driver in Amman. He can’t pay his fines and even procures his electricity illegally. His ex-wife has kept their son and is married again to a wealthy man. After a shattering diagnosis concerning a necessary testicle surgery, Yousef has to scrape together a significant sum for the operation — and asks the people he has not yet scared away for money. Only when his son starts to cut school Yousef steps in to act. The film accompanies its laconic anti-hero who seems to have fallen out of time throughout his daily ordeal. As a man who has lost all status symbols, he needs to fight for a place in society without losing himself. The regained closeness to his son now offers a new perspective to the Arab slacker from the big city. Alabdallah’s smart and sensible film about a dropout against his will discusses the societal pressure into normativity on men in the Arab world.