The Mice Room



Director: Ahmed Magdy Morsy / Mohamad El Hadidi / Mayye Zayed / Based Bakr / Mohamed Zedan / Nermeen Salem, Egypt / UAE 2013, 85 mins., Ar. with En. ST

Su 12.4. 20.00 Babylon *
Th 14.4. 20.00 Babylon *

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“The Mice Room” is a mythical place with which parents threaten their children when they misbehave. Parables enfold in this figurative space of Alexandria where six young people, unknown to each other, must learn to deal with their fears. They all share a strange feeling of loneliness and disconnectedness with the city. Filmed in episodes by an Alexandrian collective of young filmmakers in 6 independent segments, and combined only in the editing room, this narrative experiment draws multi-layered states of post-revolutionary Egypt.