Those Who Remain

Director: Eliane Raheb, LIB 2016, 95 min., Arab. with En. ST
Fr 13/4/18 | 19:30 | Arsenal *
Sat 14/4/18 | 18:00 | Wolf *
* If online tickets are sold out, please check at the cinema counter for available tickets.
In the North of Lebanon, dangerously close to the Syrian border, the aging peasant Haykal sustains a restaurant with his land’s yield and builds his family home with his own hands. But the rural idyll is deceptive — the Civil War has divided the Christian, Sunni and Shia communities living closely together here as well. Despite the economic stagnation, the unstable political situation and the annoying daily truck convoys, Haykal is not giving up on his homeland and a peaceful communal life. The award-winning film depicts a Lebanese microcosm in the secluded mountainous region Al Shambouk. In cooperation with Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung.

After the screening talk and Q & A with director Eliane Raheb